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What you get:

-- Your name in rad designs and graphics to spoof up your own home page or simply just to have.

-- You get to pick how you want your name, the colors you want, and what you want for a background.

And it's absolutely FREE !!!

Here's how it works:

-- All you have to do is send one easy email!!!

-- Follow the guide notes below and you will have no problems.

1) Type your name fully how you would want it to read.

2) Would you like it in all CAPITAL's or all lowercase.

3) If you have a favorite font, please state it's full name*.

4) The colors you would prefer.

5) Your background.

a) color of basic background

b) graphics based behind your name. Examples: swirls, shapes, themes, and clip-arts**.


* Please limit to a fairly common font. You may send a font's file in your submitted mail as an attachment.

** If requesting a clip-art picture, please include the clip-art file as an attachment in your submitted mail

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Please note: Any criteria you do not answer will result in random designing.

A verifying mail will be sent out before any work has been started on your design. Please be sure all information is correct.


It may take a few days for your FREE logo to be finished. Please be patient. It will be sent upon completion.