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Welcome friends! Turn up your speakers and close your windows! Your about to listen to many cool wav files and midi tracks that i have collected through my many wanders through this thing we call the World Wide Web.

New!!! New!!! New!!! New!!! New!!! New!!! New!!!

How to spot a mad cow:


If your cow sounds like this

Then go grab your barbecue sauce!


If your cow sounds like this

I'd suggest the chicken wings!


mission.mid  The classic "Mission Impossible" put to midi file. It's what greets you to my main page.  Zip file containing a whole slew of Metallica songs put to midi ranging from "Fade to Black" all the way to "Until It Sleeps."
champion.mid  Queen's "....We Are The Champions..." Take a stroll by my "gallerie" and listen to it while you critique my logos.
 nodoubt.mid  Hate the band, like the midi. Go figure!?!?
foxxyldy.wav  Ok, not a midi, but it belongs in this section. It's my personal ode to Cindy Crawford.
sting.mid New!!  I dedicate this song to Maureen S. (Who da man?!?! ;)

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Wav.'s -------------------------------------------*file contains explicit language

beback.wav  Start off simple with a classic Arnold line.
doh.wav  Homer Simpsons classic "DOH!!!"
woohoo.wav  Nother famous one from Homer.
loony.wav  "Your a Loony!" from Montey Python.
punk.wav  Bow down to the late Mister Chris Farley.
pussy.wav*  Long ramble from the mexican guy in "From Dusk Till Dawn" (awesome movie).
ajoint.wav*  If weed is your thing, than this aught to be 'da bomb' for you.
allnuts.wav  "Who the hell do you think you are!!!"
alvinbj.wav*  A sick twist on that cute chipmunk.
madatu.wav  Any guy like me should be familiar with this one.
antichri.wav*  NO COMMENT
asshole1.wav  ..... what did you just call me?????
attic.wav  -- Calling all Nymphos -- Calling all Nymphos --

Check back often, more files to come every week!

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