US Labor History



International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union founded
Anthracite Coal Strike
Machinists' Strike
Socialist Party of America founded
United Textile Workers founded
Machinists' Strike
National Cash Register Strike
San Francisco Restaurant Workers' Strike
Steel Strike
Great Anthracite Coal Strike , miners walk off the job for 164 days
Chicago Teamsters' Strike
Department of Commerce and Labor created by Congress
Women's Trade Union League founded
Cripple Creek, Colorado, Miners' Strike begins
Oxnard, California, Sugar Beet Strike
Telluride, Colorado, Miners' Strike begins
Utah Coal Strike begins
New York City Interborough Rapid Transit Strike
Packinghouse Workers' Strike
Santa Fe Railroad Shopmen's Strike begins
Industrial Workers of the World founded in Chicago
New York Supreme Court, in Lochner v. New York, declares maximum hours law for bakers
unconstitutional 1906
Eight-hour day widely installed in the printing trades
Goldfield, Nevada, Miners' Strike begins
President William Howard Taft elected
Federal court, in US v. Adair, finds section of the Erdman Act banning yellow-dog contractrs
US Supreme Court, in Danbury Hatters Case, holds a boycott by the United Hatters Union
against a manufacturer to be a conspiracy in restraint of trade under the Sherman Antitrust Act
US Supreme Court, in Muller v. Oregon, declares an Oregon law limiting working hours for
women unconstitutional
IWW Free-Speech Fight in Missoula, Montana
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People founded
Georgia Railroad Strike
IWW Free-Speech Fight in Spokane, Washington
McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, Steel Strike
"Uprising of the 20,000" Garment Strike in New York
Watertown, Conneticut, Arsenal Strike
Canada establishes Department of Labour due to union pressure

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