US Labor History



President Warren Harding elected
Trade Union Educational League founded
Alabama Miners' Strike
Clothing Workers' Lockout
West Virginia Coal Wars begin, ten people killed in the Matewan Massacre in a battle over the
right to organize the southern West Virginia coalfields
Depression begins
Supreme Court, in Duplex Printing Press v. Deering, rules that the Clayton Act notwithstanding,
federal courts could enjoin unions for actions in restraint of trade
Congress restricts immigration to the United States and establishes the national origin quota
Seamen's Strike
West Virginia Coal Wars and Baldwin-Felts agents kill West Virginia unionists Sid Hatfield an
Ed Chambers on the steps of the McDowell County Courthouse
Battle of Blair Mountain, 2000 US troops block miners' attempt to organize in southern West
Conference for Progressive Political Action founded
Anthracite Coal Strike
Bituminous Coal Strike
Herrin, Illinois, Massacre
Railroad Shopmen's Strike
President Calvin Coolidge elected
Samuel Gompers dies. William Green becomes president of the American Federation of Labor
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters founded
Anthracite Coal Strike
Congress passes the Railway Labor Act, which requires that employers bargain with unions and
forbids discrimination against union members
Passaic, New Jersey, Textile Strike
Nicolo Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Massachussetts labor activists are executed
Bituminous Coal Strike
President Herbert Hoover elected
New Bedford, Massachusetts, Textile Strike
Convict-labor system for coal mining is outlawed in Alabama
Stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression
Trade Union Unity League founded
Conference for Progressive Labor Action founded
Gastonia, North Carolina, Textile Strike

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