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~~~~~~~~~Journal  ~~~~~~~~~~
Friday, May 21, 1999:  So I haven't been keeping this journal the way i had it planned, but I can catch up a little right now, can't I ?!? Ok, so where to begin.  Let's start out with my car being on the fritz.. I have no idea what's wrong with it.  My birthday was May 12th, I am now 18 and a legal citizen!  I went hiking with my buddy Kim at these really cool waterfalls (I got some very nice pictures of 'em so look for dem soon).  We had a great time, but hey, we always do!  Our senior class had our annual Senior Day (more pictures to put up sometime).  Been to New York City 2 times since the last update.  Both times where peachy keen fun (once again, more pictures!).  My sister graduated from College with a masters in occupational theropy (few pictures here too!).  I have a date for the prom, my long time friend Julie!  Prom will be on June 4th (hope to have many, many pictures!)  And uhh.. StarWars kicked ass!  (sorry, no pictures!hehe).  Now, throw in school five times a week and work right after, and i think i can say i had a pretty  rough month so far!!!  So what else is coming up?  Well, prom, graduation, summer vacation, work, SixFlags, work, HersheyPark, work, graduation parties, work, time to relax and enjoy being out of high school, work, getting ready for college, did i mention work?!?!?!  Oh yeah, and put up alot of freaking pictures on this site!  

There, that entry was big enough.. Now leave me alone! {8^)   Keep it real!

Monday, April 12, 1999:  Woohoo!  One more month until i'm 18 years old!  Can't wait.  I could sure use a celebration for something right about now.  To much stress for me lately.  Main problem for me now is finding a date to the prom.  Less than 2 months away and i have no idea whom i'm going to be going with.  I better find someone soon.  As for site news, check in friends to see some of my long time pals.  It's really kinda entertaining, so GO RIGHT NOW!!!  Hehe.  I'll be working on the Workplace and School section shortly so check back in a few days.  Keep it real ya'll! 

Wednesday, April 7, 1999:  This is the beginnings of my personal section.  The buttons up top will take you deeper inside to different parts , and will also take you back to my Various Debris WebSite.  Right now you are in my journal area.  As well as serving the purpose of my own day to day journal, progress on my entire personal section will be recorded here.